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Data Engineering

Data Warehousing

Dimensionally modelling your data before developing analytics is essential. A well designed data warehouse offers a single repository of clean, consistent and transformed data ready for analytics and reporting.

Our Microsoft certified data engineers have all the skills and experience necessary to design and develop your data warehouse for use with Power BI or other analytics tools. 

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Whether you are looking to expand an existing data warehouse or build a new data repository for analytics, our Microsoft certified data engineers can assist.

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What can you do if your existing Data Warehouse is not delivering?
View our technical white paper to learn how Infuse improved the performance of a mature Data Warehouse for a national hospitality chain. We reduced ETL time from 6 to 2 hours, resulting in vital time and cost savings. 

Can we help you with a similar problem?
Contact us today for a free consultation.

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Benefits of Data Warehousing

We prepare and shape your data, preparing it for reporting and analytics.

  • Legacy data solutions are often creeking at the seams when old technology can no longer keep pace with modern business demands. Shifting these solutions to Microsoft's market leading database platform and with an expertly designed dimensional data model is the perfect foundation for Power BI.

  • Most analytics tools require a dimensional model (Star Schema) to operate optimally, Power BI is no exception. Trying to build analytics on top of a relational database is a recipe for disaster.

  • A data warehouse provides a consolidated, consistent, clean and secure repository of data that is ready for reporting or analytics in your tool of choice.

  • All calculations that support business KPIs are agreed and signed off by the business, are then baked into the data warehouse. A single version of truth available across the enterprise.

  • Data solutions that rely on Excel and Access for processing large amounts of data are prone to error and are a nightmare to maintain.

  • With your data in one place, you are then poised to use Microsoft Power BI to leverage the benefits of data analytics and reporting.

Data Warehousing - How It Works

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Why Work with Infuse Data Solutions

As a Microsoft partner with recognised competencies in Data Analytics, Data & Cloud Platform, we have the skills necessary to help you transform your business' analytics setup. 

Our experienced team have over 20 years experience delivering data and analytics solutions for customers across many industries. We're passionate about helping our customers reach their goals. 

We create partnerships with our customers. As your business changes and grows, we are always on hand to help with your changing analytics needs.

Companies who trust us to deliver results

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Long Lasting Partnerships

All INFuse consultants are certified Microsoft Analysts, we also hold competencies in Data Analytics and Data Platform which demonstrates our expertise in this area. We have over 20 years experience of providing data analytics solutions.


Our talented team of data analytics specialists always take a results driven approach to ensure our solutions meet the goals of our customers. Relying on a combination of skills, experience and a passion for what we do, makes us different. We build long lasting partnerships with our customer focussed approach.

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