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Migration Services

IBM Cognos - Microsoft Power BI

IBM Cognos to Microsoft Power BI migration

We manage a complete migration of your IBM Cognos analytics estate across to the Gartner leading Microsoft Analytics Power BI platform.

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Showcase Partner

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Are Your Current Data Models Stifling Agility?

How does Power BI help you grow your business?

Power BI provides your business with greater flexibility, more speed and faster decisions.

  • Massive licence cost savings

  • Vastly improved analytics functionality

  • Seamless collaboration

  • Increased business continuity

  • Full integration into Microsoft 365

  • You can trust our real world tested Cognos migration methodology

  • Experienced IBM Cognos & Microsoft Analytics professionals

  • Powerful data insights in the hands of every job role across your business

  • Decentralised data

  • Easy Access to data - speeding up decision making

Your IBM Cognos Migration - How It Works

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If Your Project Seems Overwhelming
You need Industry Experts 

  • Outsource your migration project to us to effortlessly maintain your BAU without making significant recruitment.

  • Business processes are rapidly evolving and market forces press down on businesses more than ever. Businesses now demand more flexibility from their data analytics than ever.

  • Cognos Analytics delivery bottlenecks and DIY workarounds are becoming a risk to the business.

  • IBM Analytics are now out of sync with the new 365 MS Teams collaborative working environment.

  • Existing IBM analytics infrastructure is costly and rigid. They’re not geared up for the rapidly changing pace of modern businesses and represent poor value.

  • Limited upgrade path provided by IBM.

  • Even when the scale of your project may seem daunting…Our team possess all the skills and knowledge required to migrate Cognos to Power BI seamlessly.

Companies who trust us to deliver results

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Call Us for a Free Consultation

Secure the success of your analytics project by using best of breed technology and processes.

Why Work with Infuse Data Solutions

Your data team come fully loaded with vast careers and diverse data skills.


INFuse migration consultants are both MS Analytics and IBM Cognos certified. We have over 20 years of unique experience of providing excellent analytics transformations for large and small scale businesses.


With solid careers within the big data software providers, (IBM, SAP, Microsoft) we have proven experience in delivering large analytics migrations to organisations across many sectors.


Our experience in both IBM & MS Analytics technologies make us perfectly suited to undertake such daunting transformations.

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Agile Approach
Sprint Cycle 2-4 weeks

INFuse believe in an agile approach to deploying analytical solutions for their clients. Delivering high value reporting enhancements to your organisation in short development sprints. This approach is economical, limits impact on your team's resource and allows the partnership to quickly evolve and adapt to where it can impact your organisation most. 

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